I had the fortune of attending this year’s edition of Career Fair organised by the Job Bureau Team of David’s Christian Centre (DCC). It was held last month. Today, I want to make good my promise to share my jottings from the programme with you. I wish I had done this earlier but for time constraints. I hope you find it beneficial.

Olakunle Soriyan

The first speaker, Jimi Tewe, CEO of Inspiro Consulting, was almost rounding off when I arrived at the venue. He is the author of the book Free from Corporate Slavery, which I stumbled upon and read late last year. It’s an interesting book.

The next speaker, Olakunle Soriyan, Principal Transformation Strategist of the Olakunle Soriyan Company, who literally held the participants spellbound, said in opening: “You will not be rewarded for your similarity with others, but for your difference. Everyone is a genius. People are struggling with misplaced priority, misplaced expectations…

“While there is so much information around, there is little knowledge. The goal of knowledge is transformation. Whatever you know that is not transforming your society is not knowledge, but information. We don’t need successful people any more, but great people.

“How much do you spend on your brain compared to how much you spend on your body?” he asked rhetorically, adding that “ageing is different from growing. So many people are so big on container management, and so small on content management.”

“You can’t be old enough to be anything. You can’t be old enough to be a husband, a wife…You can only be knowledgeable, ready and mature enough…”

He said many people in our society have lost their sense of vision. Little wonder, “the best teachers are in Chevron, MTN, in the banks. The best bankers are in schools [teaching]. The best engineers are not even studying engineering…It is not about earning, it is about what you are learning. Superior thinking is needed in every society.”

He said three things are essential in life. “You need humility, creativity (capacity for innovation) and people networking. Stop trying to survive, begin to live.

“Switch mode from the goal of earning to the goal of making impact and contribution. The society and its pressure will only reveal who you are and what you contain. Refine your talents, package it and present it as a skill in a usable form. The future is for those who are authority/masters in their fields.”

Kingsley Okonkwo

On his own part, the senior pastor of DCC, Kingsley Okonkwo stressed the need for self-improvement. He said the greatest ability human beings have is the ability to improve themselves.

Said he: “The whole concept of school is not meant to trap you…I discover that in Africa, school is actually a trap,” but “a school is like a mental gym –it is to give the ability to exercise your mind.”

Concerned about the situation where there are many people who are certificated but not mentally strong, he said: “A certificate does not promise a great future.” “How much have you improved yourself? He asked.

“Self-improvement must be cultivated consciously. Who you are is the most important thing, not what you are. Learning in school is different from learning in life. Don’t be afraid of things because they did not work the first time.

“Every human being is creative; some people are just lazy about improving themselves. It doesn’t matter what your background is; your greatest ability is the ability to improve yourself. Take time to think – it’s an exercise. Learn something new; never stop. Your mind is one of those things that get better with use. Most things depreciate with use. Improving yourself is a conscious effort.”

Stand.Out.And.Reign! is our unique way of telling you to SOAR.

‘Femi Asu


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