Becoming A CELEBRITY – Anyone CAN!


Ability + Responsibility + Opportunity for Publicity (+ Originality) = Celebrity

I'm a Celebrity (album)

While it is true that humans’ needs are insatiable, a good chunk of our desiderata connects to our desire to be socially relevant – a desire to be loved, regarded and needed by others. So, we pursue anything that we think would give us positive social visibility – things that would make it easier for others to notice us in a favourable way. From buying the latest gadgets to wearing expensive designer clothes and riding posh cars, we hope to become famous, hereby becoming the centre of attention.

Although we are born to desire fame and that sense of being wanted by others, squandering our insufficient resources to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ will only deepen our confusion about ourselves and the world.  Becoming a person of great renown is everyone’s hope. Only a few people can rightly deny ever dreaming of becoming a celebrity someday – someone whose name will be on the lips of everyone with a huge fan base and a large following. But exactly how to become and remain a celebrity is what has eluded many.

Below, you will learn about the making of celebrities, their ‘staying power’, why many who desired to be one failed and how you can rise from your seat of obscurity to the throne of stardom and avoid the trap that has seen celebrities slide into oblivion.

Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.

– Theodore Roosevelt

Equal opportunity

Every celebrity is a person with an ability, not necessarily an exceptional one. Famous people are known by what they do or can do. No one becomes popular mainly by wishing it – they earn it. Notable people are not necessarily those with exceptional abilities; they are people who constantly improve on themselves and find ways to direct their skills at enhancing human life. But celebs are not the only ones with abilities – everyone has got a talent. Ability is the coin common to both the rich and the poor. How and on what you invest it  is what makes the difference in the world. You have an ability with the potential of global relevance. Finding what that ability is requires you to be true to yourself and honestly seek to build your life around it.

Irrespective of your area of interest, your unique ability is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Your niche is unique even if being presently plied by another because no single person has your exact ‘flavour’. We are constantly being shaped by a combination of factors – our genes, exposures and experiences – that make us impossible to be perfectly copied by another. Knowing your forte and building your life around it is just the first step towards becoming a person of relevance and significance.


The price of greatness is responsibility – Winston Churchill

Having ability alone will not take you anywhere just as singing to yourself while you take your bath will not land you a record label. Ability is not enough. It has to be blended with responsibility before it can generate the kind of attention we seek.

Like it or lump it, most of our conducts are motivated by self-interest. We want to ‘know which side our bread is buttered on’ and it is only human to do so. This means that people will be unwilling to acknowledge the importance of your abilities until they know you are willing to share it with them. You must find a way to use your skill to meet a social need and the world will return the compliment by showering you with much attention. Only when people know that your abilities can improve their lives will they begin to take them seriously.

The problem, however, is that many talented people desire public patronage while avoiding responsibilities at the same time. To achieve fame and fortune, you must direct your skills to solving problems and meeting needs.

But then, there are many talented people making lots of effort to change their world and still are relatively unknown. What they lack is an opportunity for publicity.

OPPORTUNITY for Publicity

Ability is nothing without opportunity – Napoleon Bonaparte

It is great to have abilities that have social relevance but if there is no opportunity for publicity, becoming a celebrity would be the will-o’-the-wisp that even a lifetime of pursuit may never secure for you. It is in this area that many, though talented, have failed to succeed.

Publicity 2011

Publicity 2011 (Photo credit: Saül Gordillo)

No matter how brilliant or exceptional you are, if you have not got yourself in a blaze of publicity, do not even think of becoming a celebrity. The most
celebrated people in the world today are not the only ones with bright ideas nor are they the cleverest – although the media will want us to think so. They are simply some of the many endowed and talented people who have been packaged like a MacDonald’s and sold to the public.

Albeit there are hardly opportunities for anyone out there, you must create the platforms through which you hope to gain massive publicity. While things work themselves out for some, those same things have to be worked out by others. If you belong to the class of those who must act before things ‘work out’, then your time starts now!


Millions of men have lived to fight, build palaces and boundaries, shape destinies and societies; but the compelling force of all times has been the force of originality and creation profoundly affecting the roots of human spirit. 

– Ansel Adams


originality (Photo credit: lanuiop)

Owing to the increasing competition in today’s world for the available but
scarce and limited resources, the top has been shaken time and time again. With each shake, some folks are being dislodged by people making their first appearance on the ‘street of fame’. One of the leading causes of some slipping from the top or being easily displaced is the dearth of originality. If it is true that originality generates attention, then it is also true that the lack of it wanes popularity.

Being original is to seek to add value, create products and influence people in away that is distinctive and bears the signature of your uniqueness as a person. While the triad of Ability, Responsibility and Opportunity will shoot you to stardom, staying there requires more. Originality is one sure way to make the top your permanent home.

As it is often said, variety is the spice of life. Since we hold that to be true from experience, it follows that those likely to last longer at the summit of life are those who exhibit enormous amount of originality and so are more likely to be creative than their peers.

Becoming a celebrity is what anyone can accomplish. Starting with the fact that everyone has got a talent, we can go on to learn about the other factors that influence the vast chasm between celebrities and nonentities. Ability here is a constant, where taking up responsibility and scouting and creating opportunities that market that ability represent the variables. Regardless of our talents and skills and what we do we with them (Responsibility), if we do not find or create a platform to attract attention, then it is no good.

Whatever it will take, we must find a way of being heard if we are really head over heels in love with the limelight. After all, any publicity is good publicity.

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