dodgers stadium

By Adeleke Adeite

There is a little bridge between the stadium of stardom and the throne of thraldom.

It is called the channel of choices.

Becoming a champion is a choice to change your challenges to cheers,

To be chained is a choice to change your chances to a charade.


Talent is a title or better still a price tag,

Trials are the true test of talent and trophy is the trademark of tireless talent.

Winners and warriors are worlds apart,

A warrior is an expert, a winner is the man who ends well.


The same battle that makes some beauties go bitter

Is what makes some brains shine brighter.

The examination that  makes success, the same makes failure,

The difference is their attempt and approach to answering questions.


That multinational conglomerate was established by a college drop out

Who did not allow his desire to be different to drop out of him.

Those who changed the course of history are those who dared what others dreaded,

They risked what others ran away from.


Did you see that tall tree?

It was a tiny strand some years back,

It was beaten by storm, sunshine and rain but decided to bend and bounce back

When others bent and broke down.


That bird flying in the sky was not born there,

It knew it was destined to fly,

Obama was not born in The White House neither was Goodluck in Aso Villa,

They dreamt and dared to get there.


The factory of failure is where disappointment and disadvantages are being approved as avenue to be depressed.

The stadium of stardom is where struggles and strivings are source of strength when storms try to stop the players.

Those who sit on the platter of pity can only perform to fools like them,

Those who soar to the pinnacle of purpose will perform to amaze all.


#Adeleke Adeite is a graduate of Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti,. He is a poet, motivational writer and songwriter. He has over four International Poetry Awards to his credit and has won lots of member contest on PoetrySoup International. He is passionate about building positive mindsets in youth . He fervently believes he is a product of God’s grace. He can be reached at

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