By Adeleke Adeite

When songs cannot sail,

I think he was in 10th place when this was taken.

When flowers fall and fail,

When poetry turns pale,

When tales turn to a tail,

When art’s aura cannot avail,

When the winds start to wail,

When the stars turn stale,

When the rainbows rail,

When the moon turns to mail…

When nature becomes a nail:

There is a hall in our hearts.

When all stops; it starts.

It impacts and… imparts,

It’s an alarm that alerts us

When deceit looms like darts.

It helps us to cruise and cope

When reality looks like a rope,

It drives us like a dope

To the skies of a new scope;

It hails from our heart: HOPE.

#Adeleke Adeite is a graduate of Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti,. He is a poet, motivational writer and songwriter. He has over four International Poetry Awards to his credit and has won lots of member contest on PoetrySoup International. He is passionate about building positive mindsets in youth . He fervently believes he is a product of God’s grace. He can be reached on princepart@yahoo.com

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