By Adeleke Adeite


It takes just a fist of faith to fight a million fears.

It takes a simple smile to tame a million tears.

It takes a little light to destroy a million darkness.

It takes a kilo of kindness to sieve a million sadness.

It takes a cart of care to crush a million cruelty.

It take the seed of salvation to impound a million iniquity.

It takes the wind of wisdom to flare a million foolishness,

It takes a fine friend to lose a million loneliness.

It takes radiant rainbow to revive after a million rain.

It takes a pinch of pleasure to prevent a million pain.

It take a hand of help to halt a million helplessness.

It takes the height of hope to lose a million lowliness.

One right step at the right time in the right direction

Brings about the right experience… and  solution.

#Adeleke Adeite is a graduate of Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti,. He is a poet, motivational writer and songwriter. He has over four International Poetry Awards to his credit and has won lots of member contest on PoetrySoup International. He is passionate about building positive mindsets in youth . He fervently believes he is a product of God’s grace. He can be reached on

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