Unemployment: Take the bull by the horns, says Koffi

By ‘Femi Asu

”Whatever you are doing, if it is right; keep doing it. If it hasn’t yielded what you want; just stay in there.” Those were the words of Koffi Idowu, popular Nigerian comedian.

Speaking with Stand.Out.And.Reign! recently at the launching of the third edition of Gbenga Ojo’s Exceptional International magazine at Ikeja Palace Hotel, Ikeja, the graduate of Chemistry bared his mind on the issue of unemployment bedevilling the Nigerian youth.

He said:  “Unemployment is rising gradually, not just in Nigeria; it is a global thing, but I think it is becoming more obvious here because we are not creating avenues for a lot of young people. Some people are saying young people are lazy; I don’t buy that. Young people are quite industrious and creative.  There are a lot of things government can open up… I think we can tackle this rising unemployment if the right people are thinking in that direction.

“Young people should not lose hope. A lot of young people are already doing something. This young man, Gbenga Ojo, is doing this magazine; it is a great initiative. That’s a young man taking the bull by the horns.”

He urged young people to “be persistent, persevere and pray. Discover your own talent; don’t be a copy cat. Be your own person; don’t say I want to be Koffi or Basket Mouth or Ali Baba. Be you and God will make your way for you.”

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