The Villa of Vision

By Adeleke Adeite

All men are not the same in culture, colour and content of character. What makes us who we are is not our lovely looks but our outright outlook.

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but bliss is in the heart of the holder. Until men understand that life rotates round the heart and not the eyes, they may not go far.

I have seen ‘blind’ men making art and crafts and men with sights making ants and shafts. The greatest form of blindness is not the loss of sight but loss of senses.

A ‘blind’ man with an open heart will go places while a man with sight with a blind heart will perish.

Vision is a mansion built with pillars of passion and bricks of burdens.

Successful men are those who identify a burden or problem; developed a passion to solve it; caught a vision from it; created a mission; carved out a success strategy; constructed goals and consistently followed their action plans to crack the puzzle.

I am yet to see a ladder with one step, not even the ladder of irrelevance.

A man who will fail will follow the same step as the man who will succeed; the only difference is where both of them look at and where they are walking towards. Success does not have to do with swiftness or smartness most times; it has to do with strategy and steadfastness.

While a failure looks down and feels inferior; a success looks up and get inspired. Success has nothing to do with where you are coming from but where you are heading to. Remember, a man who has no destination needs no direction.

Success is about seeing a BURDEN –  a picture of human failure – and then having a PASSION – a firm feature to fix the picture. Then catching a VISION: the picture of the future. Then the journey begins.

Success is not determined by what you have but what you do with what you have, MISSION: the structure on which the picture thrives. How you use it is simply the STRATEGY: the measure of pressure you put on the picture. Where you want it what you have to reach is simply your GOAL: the treasure to be derived from the picture.

And how you wish to work out the above is the ACTION PLAN: the procedure to be used to get a treasure out of the picture.

Then when this is followed consistently, Success is the result: A FUTURE FILLED WITH FEATURES OF THE PICTURE.

Vision does not automatically become success; it systematically becomes success. Lack of it does not automatically become failure, it takes a systemic process.

We live in a world of woes. Those who win are those who wield what it takes to woo worth out of the many woes.

You have a choice. Sit down and watch what is happening, stand back and wonder what is happening or strive to make something happen. Envision it!


#Adeleke Adeite is a graduate of Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti. He is a poet, motivational writer and songwriter. He has over four International Poetry Awards to his credit and has won lots of member contest on PoetrySoup International. He is passionate about building positive mindsets in youth . He fervently believes he is a product of God’s grace. He can be reached on

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