‘When I was living in the mud house, I knew it was not going to be a permanent abode’

By ‘Femi Asu

Dr. Otive Igbuzor, the Executive Director of the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development has stressed the importance of personal goals and vision in combating poverty.

Speaking at the 1000 Points of Light Summit, last Saturday, Dr. Otive wowed the youthful audience with his speech titled “Heads Held High: Maintaining Self-Esteem, Personal Goals and Vision in the Midst of Poverty”. 

Said he: “The challenge of poverty is probably the greatest challenge of our time… Individuals have roles to play in combating it. It is possible to escape poverty through personal vision and goals. You have to know that as an individual you are created for a purpose. That is why it is important for you to understand your purpose; it will give meaning to your life, it will simplify your life, it will give a proper focus and it will motivate you. You must understand your purpose.

“There are three key things you need to understand and know for you to hold your held high: purpose, success and happiness.

“You must define for yourself what you think success is and you must understand that success is a journey.”

He defined success as “knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others. It is in that context that you can have a meaningful life.

“Happiness is not about the amount of money that you have; it is the joy that accompanies positive activity. Happiness is a lifestyle. Happiness is an attitude. Happiness is contentment. Do not use others to determine whether you will be happy or not.”

He asked: “Where does success come from? Success comes from the spirit – if you look at the stories and biographies of many successful people, however defined, you will discover that they had some inspiration. The second source of success is the mind. The kind of thoughts in your mind determine a lot.”

“I come from a very humble background, but my parents were not poor because they were rich in values and ideas…I lived in a mud house, my ‘bed’ was made of mud covered with mat… There are certain things you must do as an individual that can make you come out of poverty. If you are disciplined, you work, you save and you invest, you can come out of poverty.

He gave the audience seven keys for combating poverty.

Have a vision. Let your dream be big. Vision is very important.  When I was living in the mud house, I knew I was not going to stay there. You must create a vision of where you are going to.

Have a plan. Vision without a plan is a fantasy. What plan do you have to make your dream a reality? Those plans must have priorities and targets. You must find the capacity to concentrate on one priority at a time.

Have focus. You must talk and think success. You must persevere. You must ignore distractions. The future is a clean slate and it depends on what you write on it.  If you remain poor, don’t blame your father or your mother; they are not responsible. You are responsible for what you are going to become.

Be informed. You must secure all pertinent information concerning your vision. Internet has equalized everybody in terms of access to information.

Create a climate of confidence. Excuse no matter how beautiful is not an alternative to performance.

Help others to become successful and build relationships. What you make happen for others God will make happen for you.

The God factor. You can be strategic, hard-working, but you also need God in your endeavours.”

“To move out of poverty, the beginning points are the riches which you already possess; your talents, your networks, your positive mental attitude”

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  1. I’m highly impressed by this piece. Keep it up my senior colleague

    1. Hi Ayodele,

      Thanks for stopping by to read this post. People like you encourage us to do more.

      Kindest regards,

  2. I am realy ignited and blessed after reading this msg. God bles d organizers.

    1. Hi Femi,
      We are glad to know that you found this post useful.

      While thanking you for stopping by, we look forward to your continued visit to our site.

      Our best regards,

  3. Am already sharing dis piece with all my friends its a piece 2 kip reading cos it gives credence 2 d adage ‘No Condition is Permanent’…God bless U guyz…

  4. ‘Seven keys for combating poverty’ is a simple but wonderful tips for living a fulfilling life. You are doing a good job.

  5. this is a beautiful piece.femi u guyz r doin a great job here.

  6. Thank for this food for thought.

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