Trash the toxic; treasure the terrific

By Abimbola Okpabi

Contrary to popular opinion, relationships are not over-rated. Do not under-rate the relationships you are involved in: your parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, friends of friends as the case may be. Doing this may take you farther from your goals in life.

Whoever you decide to associate with speaks into your life consciously or otherwise. Many youth hold on fervently to questionable characters even when they know intuitively that such people are toxic to the realisation of their dreams.

During the process of actualising your dream, you shouldn’t be a people-pleaser. Pursue your aspirations, surround yourself with people who share those dreams, people who will cheer you up when you get tired.

Shop for a mentor in the field of work you hope to become a professional. Of course, you can have acquaintances in diverse spheres of life. But, the less of such you have now, the more focused you can be and the closer your dreams , as you journey along, step by step.

#Abimbola Okpabi is a graduate of Economics, Lagos State University. She has a strong passion for writing and writes vastly on societal issues affecting women and children, entrepreneurial ideas and concepts, youth empowerment and health issues. She can be reached on


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