Change your lens, change your life

By Abimbola Okpabi

What if there was a pair of glasses that can actually change how you experience life? For example, you pick up a cup of coffee and all you see is a bland, tasteless liquid, but as soon as you put on those glasses, the same cup becomes robust with flavour and sweet-smelling, intoxicating aroma.

Living without challenges can slowly but surely erode the beauty of life. As an entrepreneur, an employee, an applicant or a student, you have to view obstacles from a positive angle.

Focus, Focus. There is this game in some magazines where you are asked to look at a picture and spot what is wrong with it.  Nothing big, but the focus is always on what is wrong, instead of what is right.  We are all guilty of this in one way or the other. Spotting  and dwelling on the negative will never bring about the peace of mind needed to concentrate on moving upwards to the next level.

Gratitude glasses. My mentor once said, “Gratitude determines a person’s level of happiness.”  Not the  abundance of things or the absence of stress. Be grateful for all the rights in your life, then you will start to experience life in a whole new and positive way. Even the most austere situations will bulge when you  imbibe the attitude of gratitude.

#Abimbola Okpabi is a graduate of Economics, Lagos State University. She has a strong passion for writing and writes vastly on societal issues affecting women and children, entrepreneurial ideas and concepts, youth empowerment and health issues. She can be reached on


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