Seed, Time, and Harvest – How to Reap the Best in Life

By Saji Ijiyemi

pet plant

pet plant (Photo credit: Michael Sarver)

Whatever you plant will grow. If you plant nothing, weeds will grow and you will harvest nothing. Many people want to reap good grades, great spouse, wonderful family, high paying jobs, and a great life. But great life does not just happen; you have to want it bad enough to prepare for it. I shared five essential actions to take to reap the best in life:

1.Prepare the ground

2.Get a good seed

3.Nurture the Plant

4.Be Patient

5.Celebrate! It’s harvest time

Now let me share briefly on each of the action steps:

As long as the world exists, there will be a time for planting and a time for harvest – The Bible, Gen. 8:22

1. Prepare the Ground 
The first step to reaping a great future is to prepare the ground of your mind. A good ground will produce good fruit. The first instruction God gave to man was to cultivate the garden and guard it. The garden of your life is your mind. To cultivate is to prepare and work on your mind (the garden) in order to produce a good harvest. Many people have good seeds, but good seeds planted on a bad soil will grow badly — if it grows at all. Start preparing your mind for a good future today. Get rid of weeds (things that you don’t want) that are growing there. A wise man advised that you “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” That is a serious statement; your mind determines the course of your life, do all you can to protect it. Don’t allow anybody or the media to dump garbage on the garden of your mind. This is your life, please protect it!

2. Get Good Seeds

After you’ve prepared the soil and it’s now fertile for seeding, you need to get some good seeds. If you don’t plant good seeds in your mind, weeds of bad behavior will grow there. Given the right condition, the soil will incubate and grow any seed you put in it. The health of your seeds will determine the health of your harvest. Good seeds will produce good harvest; bad seeds will produce a bad harvest.

The health of your seeds will determine the health of your harvest. – Saji Ijiyemi

Remember, only weeds grow where they are not planted. After your mind is prepared, start screening what you want to plant there. These are some good seeds (thoughts) to allow in your heart: anything that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. There are also bad seeds you should keep away from polluting your mind: envy, gossip, pornography, sexual immorality, bullying, stealing, hating, and all other behaviors that are not worthy of copying. If you allow these thoughts to grow in your mind, they will hinder your harvest of a great life.

3. Nurture the Plant

You’ve prepared and work on your mind (the garden) to produce a good harvest. You’ve screened and planted only good seeds in your mind. Now is the time to nurture the plant as it begins to grow. Weeds will try to grow again but you have to constantly get rid of them. You have to water the seed regularly; it is not a one-time thing. For example, if you’ve planted seeds of great marriage by becoming a better person yourself, you should constantly water the seedlings to make sure you are still true to your commitments. Sometimes you have to prune your garden to selectively remove unhealthy thoughts, and reduce risk from bad thoughts that keep bombarding you every day.

Pruning involves the “targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, structurally unsound, or otherwise unwanted tissue from crop and landscape plants.” If that sound like any of your friends, music, movies, magazines, or conversations, get rid of them – they are going to infect your good seeds. Again, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Your mind determines the course of your life, do all you can to protect it.

4. Be Patient — It’s Time to Wait
Almost everybody agrees that there is a time to plant and a time to harvest but we often forget a time to wait. We live in a microwave, fast-food, I-can’t-wait, give-it-to-me-now generation. We want it quickly and we want it now.

If you go in to or drive-through a fast-food joint, you get a fast food, eat it on the go or while sitting for a few minutes. However, if you go to full service, sit-down restaurants, you’ll discover that everything takes time and menus are served in courses: first the drinks, then the appetizers or soups, followed by the main course, and topped-off with the dessert. You can’t get all that through the window, you just have to sit down, relax, and wait.

Don’t let the shortcuts in life cut your life short – Saji Ijiyemi

If you desire a well aromatized and fragrant future, be patient, work for it, and wait for it. So many talented, highly gifted, well-educated are in jail right now because they want to make millions in their teens and twenties. They fraud, deceive, and dupe others in the name of business but their motive is deadly. Be careful of people who want to make money from anything and everything, their love for money will one day lead them in the wrong path.

It takes about 58 days to 100 days to harvest corn, about 10 to 15 years for a palm tree to reach full production, “An oak tree will produce its first good seed crop when it is 40-50 years old.” Be patient my friend; don’t let the shortcuts of life cut your life short.

Culled from Plus Attitudes


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