Celebrate Your Life

By Saji Ijiyemi

This is the last step in my piece “Seed, Time, Harvest and How to Reap the Best in Life“. In previous steps, you’ve cultivated and prepared the ground (of your mind), you’ve planted good seeds (thoughts), you’ve nurtured, cared for and protected the seeds, and you’ve waited patiently for the seeds to grow, mature, and bear good fruits. The next and final step is to celebrate because it’s harvest time. Before you read further, I will encourage you to review the previous steps so you know how we got here.

1.  Prepare the Ground

2. Get Good Seeds

3. Nurture the Plant

4. Be Patient – It’s Time to Wait

5. Celebrate! It’s Harvest Time

You’ve worked hard while others waited on luck, you’ve waited your time while others wasted their time, and you’ve sacrificed while others cannot delay gratification. Years have gone by. Time has passed. Payday has come. It’s harvest time!

When you finally get the best grades and graduated as the best in your class, when you finally rise to the top in your chosen career, when you finally become a successful Executive or Entrepreneur, when you finally see your ideas, dreams, and visions become a reality, take time to celebrate and throw a party. Some people are going to hate you for it. Others are going to call you names. Please don’t let them bother you. Criticism comes with success, you should get comfortable with it (except if you succeed by illegal and unethical means).

When you become successful and begin to live the life you’ve worked hard and prepared for, it’s wise to give to the poor, invest part of your fortune, or donate to worthy causes. But it’s unwise to jump into the ditch in an attempt to help those who are trapped – it’s better to stay on top and let down a lifeline.

 It’s our nature: Human beings like success but they hate successful people. – Carrot Top, American Comedian

Harvest time is not the time to feel bad because things are going well for you, it’s the time to bring the fruits in else they overripe and begin to grow bad. Where were your critics when you were studying hard, working hard, and sacrificing hard towards a better future? They were ignorance of your pain but now complain of your gain. Never allow those who are living their nightmares stop you from living your dreams. I love Carrot Top’s statement when he said “It’s our nature: Human beings like success but they hate successful people.” You’ve paid the price, why should anyone be angry because you’re picking up the goods?

Those who are ignorance of your pain will often complain of your gain. – Saji Ijiyemi

Remember that success has many friends. Many weeds will try to come back and contaminate your successful life. Many pests will want to destroy your harvest. You need to continuously manage your success and keep the weeds and the pests out.

In all, I hope you celebrate your life and enjoy every minute of it. You’ve earned it and you deserve it.

Final Words
Take some time to think about what you want to harvest 5, 10, 15, or 20 years from now, go and get the seeds of what you want to harvest in your future and start planting them now. If you want to be the best in your class, study! Study!! Study!!! If you want to be a Medical Doctor, go and enroll in a Medical School; if you want to be an author, get rid of activities that are disturbing you from writing and start writing. Only thieves want to harvest where they have not planted. I hope these tips help you get your life on the path to a great future. Have a great life!

Saji Ijiyemi

Saji Ijiyemi is a professional speaker, an author, a motivational coach, a youth mentor, and a friend. His goal is to help you discover your true potential, uncover your hidden abilities, and recover the life you’ve always wanted. Saji is the author of a new best-selling book “Don’t Die Sitting” and he shares personal, professional and leadership development thoughts on his Plus Attitudes Blog. You can connect with him on FaceBook, follow him on Twitter, join his circle on Google Plus.


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