Stand.Out.And.Reign! is the reborn and reloaded version of Thinkers’ Palace (TP), a youth-focused personal development initiative founded by ‘Femi Asu in 2003. He got the inspiration of a new name on February 10, 2012  – on his way home – after days of serious mind mapping.

It is an initiative geared towards igniting the minds of young people, inspiring and empowering them to become real standouts in the society. It was born out of the need to stimulate the drive for personal development in the Nigerian youth.

Our Vision

To raise REAL STANDOUTS: people who are shining examples of excellence in their chosen field, making society better by their exploits.

Our Mission

To stimulate and sustain the drive for continuous self-improvement in the Nigerian youth by inspiring, informing and igniting their minds through the power of the written words, and by creating and opening up opportunities for self-development such as seminars, conferences, workshops, scholarships, fora, etc.

Our Core Values

Passion for continuous improvement






What We Do

We do the most what we do the best because we believe it is a sure-fire way of helping you become the BEST you can be. Our business is to get you inspired to…

Broaden your horizons

Expand your knowledge base

Sharpen your skills and

Tap your latent talent(s).

Our Quotes of Note

And has made us to our God kings and priests, and we shall reign on the earth.  

– The Bible, Revelation 5:10

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out?

– Oliver James

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

– Helen Keller

The Thinkers’ Palace Story…in a nutshell

As a teenager whose enthusiasm for writing was fired by an essay writing assignment given to the class by the English teacher, ‘Femi started exercising his writing muscle by writing and filing articles. Reading the book Maximizing Your Potential by Dr. Myles Munroe gave him tremendous motivation to start using his writings to benefit others; hence, the birth of Thinkers’ Palace on May 11, 2003.

He launched out by typesetting one of the articles he had written, titled “Procrastination”, made as many copies as his pocket could afford, and distributed to people. It was a one-page inspirational publication. He continued this virtually on a weekly basis. As time went on, it became a two-page publication…

...To be continued


What People Said About Thinkers’ Palace

“Greatly informing, reforming and transforming, incessant and unrelenting drops in the ocean, steady and determined steps in the right direction, a product of a conscientious and assiduous study, an outstanding, terrific and inspiring piece, a little nut that has held its ground and will sure grow into an oak.”                                            – Maurice Faucido


“I must say that I love Thinkers’ Palace because ever since I have been receiving it, I believe it has changed my life one way or the other, basically, my spiritual life with God, how to think positively, how to build one’s self. I think I have really achieved much from it. It’s so encouraging, keep it up.”

– Fatimo Busari


“For the past six months, I have had the opportunity of reading Thinkers’ Palace. I saw in it a rare book written by rare gems. I was encouraged and happy that such write ups could come up in an environment such as ours where people think nothing good could come from. This book is out to change people’s mentality especially in this area. Indeed, for this I am happy. I call it ‘book’ because I could see it breaking new grounds and being widely circulated. I salute the courage of the people behind it and to you, I say more power to your elbow.”                             – Emmanuel Adeyeye


“When I saw the special edition of “TP”, I was very elated in the colourful edition. Indeed, I saw different people of great mind and ambition coming together to produce a masterpiece. You must have gone through a lot and even spend a lot. I hope this generation would appreciate it. In face, I was particularly amazed at the way everything was harmonized. Once again, I say well done. Notwithstanding, there still exist a great room for improvement because I believe the sky is not the limit; I want you to aim higher than the sky.”                     – Emmanuel Adeyeye, in a letter dated 1/1/2005.


“To be factual, your brainchild (Thinkers’ Palace) has really changed my perspective positively. I think I need to say there are no words that could express my over-flowing gratitude for your concern as regards our glorious destiny…From the way you write, I am so grateful that you gave solid advice and impartation. For this I say thanks for being so kind. I truly love and appreciate you.”

– Olakunle Olaniyan, in a letter dated 5th January, 2005.




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